All-Clean Cleaning Concentrate

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**LIMITED BLOOD ORANGE BATCH!* - We did a special batch of All Clean using 100% pure organic blood orange essential oil in place of sweet orange. Your All Clean Concentrate will have all the same cleaning power as before but with a beautiful orange hue. Once we sell out of this batch, we will return to the sweet orange formulation.**

We’ve been making our own all-purpose cleaning spray for years, so we wanted to bring that simplicity to your home as well. One of the first swaps we made when moving towards a more natural lifestyle was cleaning products. So many conventional options are full of harsh chemicals, or even the "natural" brands are greenwashed. This blend is pure oil concentrate and can be used throughout your whole home.  Whether you're cleaning in the kitchen, the bathroom, mopping your floors, or putting in a load laundry, our All-Clean Cleaning Concentrate can help you decrease the toxic burden on your family while still performing well. 


Naturally occurring (not made in a lab) D-Limonene from Sweet Orange and Lemon acts as a powerful degreaser that helps break down and dissolve buildup on counters, tile, and wood surfaces without leaving forever chemicals or petroleum byproducts.
Scotch Pine oil has natural anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties without being harmful and inflammatory.  

Finally, the calming effect of lavender makes cleaning with Purely Parsons All-Clean to be therapeutic instead of a stress on the nervous system like other common toxic cleaning products.

Because our products are small batch made, there may be some seasonal color variability to your all clean solution. This is totally normal and does not effect the properties or potency of the product.

Essential Oils of Lemon*, Scotch Pine*, Sweet Orange*, and Lavender*

*Certified Organic Ingredient

60ml | 2 oz

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