Yes! All of our products are formulated by Noah + Elizabeth and produced in small batches by us and our team! We are so grateful for your support of our family business.

From a research perspective there hasn't been much done in this area so we cannot officially say "yes" or "no", but Elizabeth has personally taken homemade elderberry syrup during all 5 of her pregnancies & during breastfeeding! Of course, always consult your health care provider if you have any concerns.

We formulate all of our products with the widest range of customers in mind, so the answer is likely yes! However, you should always consult your trusted health care professional if you have any questions or concerns.

Our recommendation of 4 weeks in the pantry before moving to the freezer is purely to maintain optimum freshness. Use your discretion, but it should be just fine! 

You should have received an email when you first subscribed from the address with the title "Congrats! You've started a new subscription at Purely Parsons". You can search your email for this and click the link it provides to edit your subscription, or if you cannot locate that email, just head to and login! From there you have the ability to pause, skip, cancel, or reschedule your subscriptions!

Oh no! We do our best during the packing process to ensure safe delivery but unfortunately once it leaves our hands, we can’t control the shipping process. We’re happy to help get you a replacement! Just email with the name and email your order was placed under as well as your order number and we’ll be happy to help!

You should have received a tracking link in your inbox once your order ships! If you aren’t seeing it, check your spam folder as sometimes they get misdelivered there. If you’re still having trouble, just reach out to us at with the name and email your order was placed under, as well as your order number and we’ll be happy to help!

Yes! We’re all about transparency here – you can review all of our CoA documents here! 


We do! We are not responsible for any duty/import/taxes/customs/etc charges you may incur. International orders are subject to the receiving country's import fees, duty, taxes and/or brokerage fees. These funds are not paid to Purely Parsons nor are they set by Purely Parsons rather they are paid to and set by your home country's government as per import/export regulations and charged by your local postal carrier. Funds are due upon receipt in accordance with your local import and postal regulations. If you would like to estimate duty fees, you can go to

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