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"You can't see the fruit the same day the seed is sown."

I've always loved the phrase

"You can't see the fruit the same day the seed is sown".

This is such an applicable thing for child raising. Certain character traits that appear in our children that are less than desirable aren't rectified overnight. It takes intention and direction, over and over and over. We often feel like throwing up our hands because what's the point? They aren't listening.

But be encouraged, mamas. Press into them. Pursue their hearts. You WILL bear the fruit in time.

We've been having to get onto Selah for talking back a lot lately. Much of it is developmental and she is just testing boundaries. I'm still waiting on the fruit to sprout in that area 😂

But (BUT!)...being repentant and apologizing when she is wrong is something we've been working on for....awhile. Today she was struggling when I put her in her room for quiet time. She was being manipulative and quite frankly not being someone I wanted to be around 😅. I left her after we talked for a minute and she had a good cry. 30 minutes later after I hadn't heard her for awhile, she appeared in my doorway with a completely changed demeanor. I knew. I knew she was coming to apologize and I was trying to contain my pride for her. "Mommy I want to apologize. I'm sorry for having a bad attitude." And on her own accord, she came and hugged me. And I could feel the tension release from her body. Like she had this weight and now she could relax.

What a reminder to me as her mom to keep short accounts with friends and family, but most importantly with Christ. We cannot have true fellowship with one another or with Christ if we do not.

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