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Why my family no longer supports Disney

Shoo – this one is a tough one to swallow, right? Listen, you may not agree and that’s fine – but the bottom line is - Disney has bitten the hand that feeds them. They can no longer be trusted with our children. 20 years ago, our parents didn’t have to worry about leaving us in front of a Disney program, but times have changed. There are so many nostalgic Disney shows and movies that are magical and our children will (& do) experience them. We just refuse to support the company going forward.

The only thing these companies respect is money – so stop giving it to them.

What are your thoughts? Is this new information for you or were you already aware?

Another note – I am not responsible for your feelings when presented with uncomfortable or inconvenient information. If your first response to this as a Christian is defensiveness – stop and ask yourself why.

I was listening to a timely @alliebstuckey podcast the other day and she was encouraging those who speak out in confidence on unpopular things, and how rare and needed it is. She mentioned a quote I loved – “uncertain people don’t like certain people”.

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