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Why are so many in the health field living unhealthy lifestyles?

This doesn't apply to every healthcare worker but it does apply to some. It's an important topic and one that might be taboo (the healthcare providers being unhealthy themselves) but one that sparks a needed conversation. It is so important to note that we appreciate (more than we can put to words here) healthcare workers. We have been in the trenches with you. It is so easy to focus on patients and not on yourself and your health. It's easy to do that in any profession, right?

But as healthcare providers we set the stage! Who wants to take health advice from someone eating a Twinkie?

This isn't just about personal choices. It's about healthcare administration fixing staffing ratios so an actual lunch break is possible. It's about fixing the junk food options only available to night shift. It's about working on trauma (because goodness, every healthcare provider has been traumatized at one point).... it's not just one thing.

We appreciate you healthcare workers, we are thankful for you. You all are doing the work and it's HARD. But it's also important to focus on your health! ❤️

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