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When people are insulting you...

I'm not convinced this even needs a caption because the words are so true & powerful standing alone. But as I was reading this book to my children the other night I was struck by the wisdom in them, spoken from a little orphan girl.

In this life, we will have many an opportunity to practice this very difficult task. The human inclination to defend ourselves (or our friends) when someone has wronged us or is speaking negatively about us is powerful. But if being on this platform has taught me anything, it's that the bullies WANT your reaction. It's what fuels them- they get pleasure from your rise. Their words can hold power if you allow them -- so don't.

We are each on our own journey in this life. No two are the same. I think it's a good reminder from time to time that the person on the other side of the screen is a human just like you. When you can choose to be anything in life, be kind.

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