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What is a Christian?

In today's world, where many people and groups claim the title, it's become a muddied water. How do you even know what it means anymore? Well, friend, let me make it simple. These are the foundational, fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith:

A born again, Bible believing Christian believes the Bible to be God's Word. Infallible, inerrant, fully authoritative, fully sufficient. No other books or rules need be added.

A born again, Bible believing Christian believes we have one Mediator (Jesus Christ) who was fully God & fully man. His death and resurrection was sufficient as full payment for our sins. We have free forgiveness and mercy offered when we accept that gift of salvation. (Romans 6:23) His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Works will not save you. Christ Jesus saves. Not of ourselves, but a gift offered freely. (Eph 2:8‭-9)

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