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Vitamin D

Have you been told by your pediatrician to supplement your breastfed baby with vitamin D? Did you ask why? 7 years ago when I had my first this wasn't a routine suggestion, but now it is. Let's break it down!

*disclaimer: this is not and should not be taken as medical advice*

Vitamin D is key in the maintenance of our immune system, regulating both infection and inflammatory pathways as well as skeletal integrity. No doubt taking a supplement (or giving one to your infant) is easier, but is it better?? Studies actually show that Vitamin D is absorbed nearly 8x better topically than orally. (

The way that our bodies were designed to get the vast majority of our vitamin D is from sun exposure. So what's the simple solution? Get some sun! ☀️ This is 100% a no brainer in the spring/summer/fall, but what about in the winter? Your body is brilliantly designed - it will store Vitamin D from sun rich months in the adipose tissues of your body. But you can still get in the sun! Bundle up (or bundle baby up) and spend short increments of time in the sunlight (even direct sunlight to the face is beneficial. We aim for around 15 minutes a day with our babies, if possible.) Don't want to go outside with your babe in the cold? Plop them in a swing or seat in front of a window. Will they be getting as much benefit from full spectrum rays as they would outside? Unlikely, but it's still better than a synthetic supplement in my opinion! D-minder is a great app for knowing how much vitamin D you're actually getting for your area and time of exposure.

Another way to get vitamin D is through diet! Some foods you can consume that are high in vitamin D include: salmon, sardines, tuna, mushrooms, egg yolks, & raw milk.

@earthleywellness makes a topical vitamin D cream

@maryruthorganics has a vitamin D spray if you're looking for one.

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