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Trust your...

Trust your doctor.

Trust your nurse.

Trust the healthcare professionals.

Because THEY'RE the ones who went to school.

I've heard it and seen it in comment threads, posts, and even real conversations. This idea that because we've been to school means we have actually studied va××ines. News flash (as Ali @empoweredautoimmune put it so eloquently, as always): "physicians [and nurses] are no longer the sacred guardians of privileged knowledge." But more than that - we actually don't get as much education on it as you think. In fact, everything I've learned regarding the subject outside of the schedule and how to administer them has been the hundreds of hours of research I've done on my own accord, after graduation. Surprised? I'm not the only one. I encourage you next time you're face to face with a HCP to ask them questions. Anything. "What ingredients are in this one?" "What are some of the side effects listed?" "What happens if my child has a bad reaction to it - can I report that somewhere?" 9/10 will look at you like you grew 6 heads because THEY👏🏻DON'T👏🏻KNOW.

Frankly, I'm sick and tired of everyone just trusting the system because guess what: IT'S FAILING US.

Skeptical? I put up a question box a couple weeks ago polling healthcare providers ranging from PAs to doctors to nurses to CRNAs asking how much education they received on the subject in school. Check the slides - this wasn't even half my answers.

Time to wake up and rise above. Don't be a victim. Do your research before you need to know the information. 📚

To clarify: I am not anti vax. I'm pro informed consent and the parents right to choose.

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