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Traveling Healthy

It takes forethought and a bit of preparation, but it is totally doable and will make your trip go so much smoother, and save you money in the end!

We're headed home from the beach after 4 days, and we didn't eat out at all. Now that doesn't happen every time, but we normally average about once per trip! Most days we eat food we've made ourselves. Honestly, with 3 young kids it's more enjoyable to eat at home, but the food we make is just as good of quality as what we would easily drop $100 on as a family of 5.

Before we left for the beach, I prepared: 2 loaves sourdough bread, a dozen hard boiled eggs, a 5 pint mason jar of homemade yogurt pre-mixed with honey and cinnamon, & sauerkraut. I also bring things with us if I know we won't be able to find the same quality as where we're staying. For us this included a dozen pasture raised eggs and a gallon of raw milk from our local co op, @thefarmconnectionsa. When we arrived we stopped and grabbed fresh veggies from the store and stopped at the fresh seafood market and grabbed 5 lbs. fresh caught shrimp and a whole red snapper.

I also packed items that we totally could buy once there, but we had at home so we just threw them in a laundry basket to save $$. These are things like apple cider vinegar, olive oil, coconut oil, Himalayan salt, garlic, etc.

Lastly, I pack supplements for the kids! This trip I brought our @maryruthorganics probiotics and morning multivitamin, our green pastures cod liver oil, elderberry syrup, and our @joyspringvitamins vital vitamins.

This will obviously look different if traveling by plane. When we did this in May, we packed what made sense, but for things like eggs and raw milk, we contacted a local farm close by and scheduled a pick up ahead of time.

Maybe this seems "high maintenance" or unnecessary to you, but with a husband who manages a disabling autoimmune disorder, quality food is literally a lifeline. Or maybe it just seems different - because, well, it is. 😉

Regardless, don't use travel as an excuse to derail. Let's change the narrative. Enjoy life, but help your body to enjoy it too. ❤

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