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The less you spend on food, the more you'll spend on health care.

This concept is so important to understand.💡 Perhaps it seems like a waste for someone just dipping their toes into clean living. But diet changes are actually the first thing I recommend changing on your journey. You have to cut the processed crap (let's call it for what it is) out of your lives. Eliminate excessive sugars, preservatives, and dyes. Read your labels. Can you pronounce most of the ingredients? (Hint: real, whole foods - you can - shop the perimeter of the store). Let's start treating food AS medicine instead of allowing it to cripple us. We speak volumes with our money expenditures. 💵

Yes, we pay extra for fresh, raw milk free of hormones. Yes, we pay extra for pasture raised eggs that aren't treated with antibiotics. We support our local farmers by buying their meat - grass fed beef and pasture raised chicken. 🐄🐓 We choose to spend money on food now in order to support our bodies, so later down the line we don't spend it on medicine. We sacrifice in other areas to be able to do this. We don't eat out often & Noah brings his lunch to work every day.

It is doable. You just have to make small changes here and there. The reality is that packaged and processed food is actually more expensive in the long run. You just pay in different ways.

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