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Stop Silencing Symptoms

The allopathic world often only sees the check engine light, figuratively speaking, and gives you a hammer to bust it so you don't have to worry about that symptom anymore - at least until the body finds another pathway to express it. But we all know underneath, there's still something wrong with the engine. Silencing our symptoms without addressing root cause is the equivalent of scooping buckets of water out of the boat without patching the hole.

I dream of a future where allopathic and naturopathic can meld together into a cohesive & harmonious blend. Where food & lifestyle are emphasized as true healing measures & medicine is the alternative route if those things don't work first. Where prescribing pills isn't the knee-jerk reaction. Where the patient isn't dismissed just because their complaints don't show up on lab work. Where parents are respected as the best source of knowledge for their child. Where instead of excelling in disease management, making a customer for life, we're focused on whole body health & prevention.

We have to stop only suppressing symptoms. Symptoms are our body's way of telling us something is off. Listen to their cues.

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