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Seasons in Marriage

We've been through seasons of highs & lows, sickness & health, kids & no kids. And we've changed every step of the way. He drives me absolutely mad & can make me belly laugh like no one else. He knows all my secrets & dreams (& I his). He's seen me at my worst. He's been the first person I see in the morning and the last one I see at night for over a decade. I know his pet peeves, his weaknesses, and exactly how he likes his salads made. But here's the thing....

Marriage is work. It is sacrifice. It is daily dying to self. 12 years in and I can say without hesitation that Noah is my best friend and team mate.

I posted in stories the other week about how I was down with a migraine one day and then Noah wasn't feeling well the next. We both just stepped in and took care of the kids and homestead. This didn't always happen flawlessly. We've grown and matured in our relationship to get here. And Lord knows we aren't always perfect.

Marriage isn't 50/50. It's 100/100. Both of you giving your all, and when one of you physically or emotionally can't, you're covered. No strings or bitterness attached.

We may lose ourselves at times, especially through this season of young children. But when we get to the end of our child raising years, it will again be just the 2 of us. Invest in your marriage, ladies. It matters ❤

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