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Safe Habits in the Sun

In our home, we take a common sense approach to sun safety. ☀️ We treat the sun as the “greater light” (Gen 1:16) that it is, & recognize the life-giving properties it has. Sunlight is required to sustain LIFE. Optimizing your vitamin D levels through safe sun exposure can actually reduce your risk of cancer. “While sunburns have been associated with a doubling of melanoma risk, chronic non-burning sun exposure and outdoor occupations have been associated with REDUCED risk of melanoma.” (source: NCBI – So, what does safe sun exposure look like for us? First, avoid over exposure. This looks like doing our best to avoid the high sun hours of the day (11-3), & getting exposure in small increments before seeking shade. You can actually build up your sun tolerance over the course of time. Try 10-15 minute increments & increase daily until you can tolerate an hour or more.

Next, we cover. Wear long sleeve rash guards and wide brimmed hats.

One of the most powerful ways you can protect yourself is through DIET. A whole food diet that is high in antioxidants will actually work to protect you while you're in the sun. For further protection, you can supplement with astaxanthin. Astaxanthin will protect the skin from UV damage by acting as an antioxidant that can reach the epidermis.

Finally, sunscreen. In the years since sunscreen use began, skin cancer rates have actually risen. Most conventional sunscreens are laden with hormone disrupting chemicals like oxybenzone. Many formulations actually BLOCK the body’s ability to manufacture vitamin D (vitamin D deficiency has been linked to higher risk of cancer and heart disease). Side note: while propellant (spray) sunscreens are convenient, they pose increased risk due to the fact you’re inhaling these toxic chemicals. Please, stop using propellant sunscreens!

I hope this was helpful and empowering for you! We CAN make better choices when it comes to sun exposure for us and our children.

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