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Rough Homeschool Day

Having a rough homeschool day? We've all been there. And even if you don't homeschool, I'm sure homework can sometimes cause strife!

One of my best tips is to not force the book work and find a way to learn together through life and fun - Have a dance party. Head to the park. Count the money in their piggy bank. Flip through picture albums. Bake something. Color together. Just connect by doing something they love!

Yes. There is value in book work and yes there is value in persevering in order to learn a new skill. However, the beauty of homeschooling is that WE get to decide - based of our children's best interest - when to push, and when to pivot.

I find that on particularly rough days, sometimes it helps to just change it up. To focus on LIFE school, and to connect with our children on a much more personal level than just "teacher"

One thing that has really helped my kiddos with attitudes is to focus on what a blessing and privilege homeschooling is, and implementing a "punch card" system! 1 day of good attitudes equals one punch, and they get a prize from a grab bin after 10 punches!

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