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Root Canal

Root canals are a controversial topic. They’re tough to cover because there isn’t truly a safe, clear solution once a tooth has gotten to the point of considering one.

Of course, the best option is maintaining optimal oral health so that you don’t have to make this decision, but if you do face it, hopefully this gives you some things to consider.

Meg had a root canal done at the age of 18. She noticed some slight pain/pressure off and on her adult life, but since there is no longer a functioning nerve, often you don't *feel* the infection. It wasn't until she did more research that she decided to be seen by a trusted biological endodontist. Meg had her root canal tooth extracted when she was 36. There was, indeed, infection discovered. Leaving a hole works for some people, but a con is that your teeth can shift, throwing off your bite. She opted for an implant post extraction.

**The information in this post is for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice.

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