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Practical ways you can set yourself up for natural labor

In a society where pregnancy & birth is treated as a condition to be intervened upon rather than the natural process it is, Erin & I want to bring you some practical tips for preparing for a successful intervention free delivery, as well as some reasons why we're passionate about birthing without fear. We’ll also be giving one of you Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth & lavender + balance oils to help during labor and postpartum!! We want to be clear here: ALL BIRTH IS BEAUTIFUL! 🤍 We truly all just want healthy mom and baby as an end result. So, if you’ve had traumatic births in the past, or approach birth differently for whatever reason, please know there is no judgment. We approach this subject with love & with the goal to empower as many women as possible for their future births.

Western medicine has created such a huge fear around the birthing process. We are experiencing an unacceptable maternal and infant mortality rate in America which happens to coincide with some of the highest intervention rates. When it comes to labor and delivery, modern medicine has its place – but birth is one process that usually is better left untouched.

Here are some practical ways you can set yourself up for natural labor:

1. Find your “why”.

The odds are stacked against you in this day and age when it comes to having an intervention-free birth (especially depending on the provider and setting). You need a strong reason to push through the fire, so that when it feels like too much (and there will come a time where it will), you can fall back on that why.

2. Educate yourself.

Take a natural birth course, read natural birth books, talk to women who have had successful natural births, & surround yourself with positive birth stories.

3. Find a supportive provider & build your support system.

If you choose to birth in a hospital, we STRONGLY recommend hiring a doula.

4. Know that no matter what, YOU have a say in the decisions made for you and your baby.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a provider who doesn’t support the birth you desire.

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