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Our kids don't need more activities -- they need more of US.

In a culture where constant activities to fill our calendars is the norm, let's slow down and not forget the magic of time spent at home. In these walls is where our children ultimately feel the most comfortable because it's where they (should) feel the safest.

The world says go, go, go. Meaningful conversation spent together around the dinner table is rare. Our kids don't need more activities -- they need more of US.

Question: are we so consumed and busy shuffling our children around to different places or overscheduling ourselves that we don't have time to spend in the Word? Or to invest in our children? To sit, unhurried and unbothered by the "next" rehearsal or practice time? Are we replacing Sunday morning worship with soccer games? These are issues in the modern family that must be examined. Busyness does not equate holiness.

Sports, activities, etc are not inherently wrong or bad, but they must come under the authority of Christ. In the home of a believer, He must remain the pre-eminence.

I've learned over the years to really protect the time we have. I've said no to more. This quote by Elisabeth Elliot rings true:

“The devil has made it his business to monopolize on three elements: noise, hurry, crowds. He will not allow quietness.” -Elisabeth Elliot

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