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Non-Toxic Mattress

When we started our search for a non-toxic mattress to replace our memory foam, it was extremely overwhelming! We knew we had to invest and make the switch, but starting the process felt like an uphill climb to uncover what brands were truly non-toxic among all the noise. Most people spend an average of 30 YEARS of their life in bed, either asleep or trying to fall asleep. After much research and learning, we discovered Joybed & after 2 months, I can truly say we love it.

Why the quality of your mattress is important: the foams used in mattresses are man-made, mostly derived from petroleum. The only other distinctive foam is latex, which can come from trees but is then often chemically treated in a modern factory production process. Companies use foam because it is cheaper to produce and control how it feels. However, that comes at a cost.

Typical foam mattresses go through an off-gassing process (this is the super strong smell they omit upon opening), but even after that smell dissipates, they can continue off-gassing dangerous chemicals such as benzene, toluene, cadmium, chromium, & tributyltin for an entire year. For 1/3rd of that time you're inhaling known carcinogens, petroleum distillates, and chemicals linked to cancer. This mattress had ZERO smell when we opened it up.

Another benefit to natural material is that it breathes well and naturally wicks moisture away, keeping you dry & cool while sleeping. This was huge for my husband!

So! With this information, we decided a natural mattress for us meant 100% natural material, either 100 % cotton or a wool/cotton blend. We’ve been so pleased with our choice. The quality, the customer service, and the comfort of Joybed are amazing. More than that is the reassurance of knowing that us and our children aren’t sleeping on harmful materials. We prioritize our health and make these swaps over time because we know the impact it has on our health. I know a mattress is an investment. We saved for a while for this purchase. We’re all on our own steps in our less toxic journey, and I’m thankful to be able to share this option in case you’re in the market as well!

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