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Non-Toxic Ant Bed Remedy

Get some chickens and let them free range. Boom, done. 💥🤣

Okay, but for the other 96% of you that don't have chickens, here's a simple, non toxic solution to those ant beds (works for any type of ant!)


Boil a kettle of water and head out to the bed first thing in the morning when the ants are all inside. Pour the water over the ant bed, making sure to saturate it.



I'll come back later to the site and see lots of dead ants, but if I still see some activity I'll repeat the kettle. Sometimes it takes a few times to get the whole ant bed, depending on the size.

Hope this is helpful and eliminates another toxin in your life! 👊🏻 Did you know this trick or are you headed out tomorrow to try it?!

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