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Newborn Essentials

With 15 kids between the two of us, and I wanted to create a simple resource of what we feel is useful in those first days of parenthood. We've each made our own lists & I'll elaborate more below, then you can head over to and see more details on her recommendations! With 3 sets of twins between us, we've also included a slide on twins! I'll also include some specific links in my stories & will save them to my "baby tips" highlight.


  • Button up sleepers on a newborn are literally your worst nightmare, trust me 😅 Inverted zippers zip up from the feet so you don't have to unzip the whole sleeper at changer!

  • I have box fans running during night and nap times for all my babies - this is helpful to drown out any noise in the house, because as a rule of thumb, the UPS guy WILL ring the doorbell right after you've gotten baby to sleep.

  • Activity mat - I remember shortly after having my 1st, I was texting with a friend from nursing school & I said "what do I DO with her?!" 😆 She reminded me of the activity mat and I was like, "duh!" We lay our babies on their activity mats daily starting at just a few days old. Floor time is crucial and helps them reach normal milestones.

  • Gripe water - you don't need it until you need it & really wish you had it! I'll link our favorite organic one in stories!


  • I found the my best friend better for early on nursing when they don't have great head control. It acts as a super sturdy shelf for them to both lay on and allows you to reposition latch easily. I found though, that after 2 months they were too long to use it comfortably.

  • The Twin Z pillow was a game changer around 2 months when we started supplementing bottle feeding. It's also great for lounging. I think it would be much trickier to nurse newborns on it though as it's more squishy.

  • Burp rags - all the burp rags. Like, no, get more. I'll link our favorite organic muslin ones in stories!

We hope this is a helpful guide but just know, the only thing your baby *truly* needs is a place to sleep, some clothes to wear, food in their belly, and someone to love them

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