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Motherhood Ministry

As moms, our greatest and most important role is the ministry under the roof of our own home. Society will downplay the importance of the family unit and of a wife/homemaker, but do not be fooled - your presence is valuable and necessary.

There are seasons in motherhood that require more of you. There are seasons where you have a bit more freedom. I'm currently in the more needed, young children phase.

Is it hard seeing friends enjoying kid free trips that I would love to be on? Of course. But the amazing women & friends that get to experience these things? They've made sacrifices too. They've been through my season of sitting out. Watching from afar. And they're making sacrifices to be where they are.

The world will tell you that you deserve to have me time. That your kids will be fine without you. That the baby can just figure out how to self soothe without you there. And those things might be true, but mama -- don't downplay your role if you're current season is one of sitting on the bench. Your time will come when you get to go up to bat. And you'll have a whole dugout of teammates cheering you on while they're in their own benched season.

To all my teammates and sisters, I'll miss you this week! Living vicariously through you, and special shoutout to my friend Erin who will get to walk the stage as a diamond & new founder!!

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