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May Day Family Celebration

We had our annual May Day family celebration this week (our replacement for the commercial side of Easter) & I just don't know of anything better than childhood joy. Every time I'm reminded of their innocence in such a profound way I want to cling to it and never let go.

Anyway, I was thinking about how many of the choices we make for our family are counter cultural. How many would look at our lives and think "wow, that's different" or even, "that's weird". And y'all...I'm so incredibly satisfied with that.

We are different. We are raising our children differently. We are making alternative choices in every realm imaginable - not just to buck the whole system for the heck of it, but because we've seen the why. We know the other side. We've made bad decisions we regret or have witnessed loved ones make them and those lessons have led us to where we are now.

And also, as believers, we are called to be different. There are many exhortations in Scripture that demand it. To be set apart means you think and act differently and intentionally.

This does not gain approval of the world and is often a road marked with loneliness or isolation.

But looking at the state of the world today - I'm ok with weird. I'll take different in exchange for children who grow to be mentally stable, God fearing, independent thinking adults.

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