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Mama Sing My Song

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Once you order, you send in a questionnaire about your child, and a songwriter writes and records a song personalized to your child. They record it and send an acapella version for you to download. The idea is for you to learn it and be able to sing to your child without the track. If you order the keepsake version, you will get the acapella version first. If any changes need to be made, they are done before being sent to the studio.

You get to choose the "style" of song you would like, and they even have samples on the site! For Enoch I chose playful.

They also have artwork you can get with the lyrics on it as well as stuffed animals with the song recorded into them!

Take a listen of my children's personal songs:


Selah Grace

Silas Paul

Enoch James

Eliora Faith

Silas Gideon

Gideon Samuel

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