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How to Research

I get messages on a daily basis from moms who want to know HOW to research. I wish there was an easy button for something as nuanced and deep as things like v***ines and health in general. There was a lot of UNlearning that I had to do over the years. And now it seems harder than ever to actually find credible sources readily available that aren't extremely biased. This is why I always try to point you to BOOKS. They can't censor books. Some of my favorites are Millers Review: Critical Va**ine Studies, Dissolving Illusions, & The Unva**inated child: A treatment guide for parents and caregivers.

My challenge for you is this: before mocking, labeling, and belittling someone for the choices they make - truly ask yourself: are you coming from a place of actual knowledge? Or just blind trust in the medical system and what they've told you? Have you done the work? Spent the hours researching? Because to be confident in the decisions you make, you must put in the legwork.

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