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Hi! I'm Elizabeth

Lots of new faces here – Hi! I’m Elizabeth. You’ll find a mix on this page of wellness, faith, motherhood, homeschool, birth, and whatever else I feel led to share about. I show up here authentic, imperfect, and without a filter, because life’s like that, ya know? My husband’s journey with autoimmune disease coupled with the birth of my first daughter led us to where we are today. Constantly learning, but so thankful for how far we’ve come.

I went public with my page in 2019 and was a voice for medical freedom. I think -- coming from an allopathic healthcare system as a traditionally trained pediatric nurse – that was different for people to hear. I launched a business selling organic elderberry kits in 2019 as well, and it’s an honor to continue to ship those packets of goodness all over the world. I’ve also spent a ridiculous number of hours recording highlights on how we treat various things in our home. Lots of those are still saved in my highlights and I’m working on making every single one into a post for easier reference (see my remedies highlight) – and we’re also putting it into a physical book, coming in 2023! In 2020 I had my first homebirth that happened to end with surprise twins - it's a pretty cool story!

Above all else, I love the Lord + want to bring Him glory every day of my life. I hope you know you’re welcome here in this space – no matter what. I can be fiery and I’m firm in my convictions (and not afraid to share them), but I love people. If you met me in real life, you’d likely get a big hug.

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