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Have you switched up your child's education in the last few years?

According to recent polls, around 1.6 million fewer students have enrolled in public schools.

More and more parents are making alternative schooling choices for their children.

This is obviously a multifaceted issue, and not all public schools are created equal, but perhaps 2020 opened many eyes.

Perhaps parents stepped in to prevent the continued mental gymnastics these children have had to deal with surrounding social distancing, mask wearing, and v a x status.

Perhaps parents are over the ultra woke agenda being pushed on their children.

And perhaps...parents are realizing that the necessity of alternative education due to a pandemic turned into necessity because they see the difference.

Another facet to this conversation is the reality that many of the high quality educators are also exiting the public system for reasons above combined with being grossly underpaid and overworked.

"I went to public school and turned out fine" is not a valid argument. The world is different in 2022 than it was even a decade ago. As parents, we must be in the halls, in the meetings, & heavily involved in the education of our children, the next generation.

If that means public, Christian or charter schools - you are essentially saying you stand by and agree with the people entrusted to care for your child for 40+ hours a week.

There is no moral superiority to any route of education. Every family has different circumstances and convictions - but we better be invested in whatever route we choose.

Nearly 2 million fewer students have enrolled in public school.

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