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Harmonious Relationship with Virus and Bacteria

We must change the thinking which believes killing 99.9% of bacteria, virus, and fungus is the way to go. We as a species have a harmonious relationship with these bugs. Microbes occupy all of our body surfaces, including the skin, gut, and mucous membranes. Without them, we would die.

Microbes in the human gastrointestinal tract alone comprise at least 10 trillion organisms, representing more than 1,000 species, which are thought to prevent the gut from being colonized by disease-causing organisms. Among their other beneficial roles, microbes synthesize vitamins, break down food into absorbable nutrients, and stimulate our immune systems.

So why do people get sick? It's not the pathogen itself, but rather the terrain. What does this mean? The terrain refers to the immune system itself. Let's compare 2 women. Exhibit A: a 50 year old who wakes up every morning with the sun. She has never smoked and is not a regular drinker. She begins each day with a routine of scripture reading/meditation, a brisk walk, and stretching before work. She is mindful about stressors on her body throughout the day, takes walking breaks, and nourishes herself with whole foods which she has prepared beforehand. She takes time to practice mindful deep breathing. Each night, she turns off electronics 2 hours before bedtime and ensures she gets 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Exhibit B: a 50 year old who begins her day sleeping thru her alarm because she only got about 5 hours of sleep. She quickly takes the 10 different pills her Dr has prescribed & rushes out the door to stop by the drive thru for breakfast on the way to work. She takes multiple smoke breaks throughout the day and drinks at least 4 cups of coffee per day. When hungry, she heads to the vending machine for a snack. She works late most nights and eats frozen dinners for convenience.

If both of these women were to catch the coronavirus, the flu, pneumonia, etc....which do you think would fare better? Take care of your body. Treat it well. Boost your immune system through the things I've listed on the second slide, and always remember that fear, stress, and panic are huge hits to your immune system 🤍

Strengthen your Immune System

  • 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night

  • C salts/Vitamin C : 5,000 mg per day or until bowel tolerance

  • Eating a real food diet

  • Sauna Use/Sweating

  • Essential Oils (OnGuard, Oregano, etc.)

  • Exposure to Sunlight

  • Mild to Moderate Exercise

  • Reduce stress through deep breathing, meditation, scripture reading, etc.

  • Supplements as needed (elderberry syrup, Vitamin A, Vitamin D)

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