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Finding OB Provider

Hear me out. I'm not saying OBs are inherently bad or or don't truly want the best for their patient. But somewhere along the way we've lost the ability for the mother to control the gears, so to speak.

I've been through the system and I’ve experienced births in the hospital, and I'm here to tell you: you deserve somebody that will come alongside you and trust your body and how it was designed for birth.

You have to know your options. The only way to come to that is through education. You have a choice about the glucose test. You have a choice to decline Tdap and flu shots. You have a choice with the position that you give birth in. You have a choice about what medications you're given.

Pregnancy is not a disease or a condition that needs to be intervened upon in most cases. For the most part, women are led to believe a lie that a woman’s body doesn’t know what it’s doing. It’s profitable to operate from that mindset of fear. When you can make somebody fearful of something, which a lot of women are fearful of birth, you can convince them to do a lot of things. When you remove that fear, it allows for so many more possibilities.

In this fear environment, the medical system holds all the cards. If you don’t respect and do what they say, they try and scare you into compliance. They truly believe that the best thing for you is to go through their process.

You can’t even ask why respectfully. It's this moral superiority of even asking why. That’s so unscientific. The scientific method is based on why.

So, mama, if you're feeling unsupported, know that you deserve better. You deserve the answers to questions you ask. You deserve a birth that is beautiful and calm and just how you envision it to be. And if you're not feeling that where you are - YOU hold the reigns. Find a new provider.

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