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Feminism has not served women well.

First it was out gaining the right to vote, then about fair treatment in the workplace... good things. Then it became about reproductive freedom through means of synthetic hormones that change our brains and hurt our physical health... to where we are now....if we aren't angry about all of the oppression through the years we aren't paying attention. Or even worse, the complete erasure of women in birth and breastfeeding. How are we at a place where chest feeding is okay to say? Now they're saying you don't need a woman to give birth... really?

Feminism changed and became angry victims that took away who we were created to be... strong working, gracious, loving, BEAUTIFUL women. The stress that this has created from the disconnection has created physical health restraints that are holding women back more now than ever before.

We aren't saying you have to stay at home, not at all! We are just saying you can do either and be fulfilled. It seems the women who choose to stay at home are belittled... but what IMPORTANT work they are doing!

What was created to be beautiful has turned into women that are either erased or women that are angry. No! We were created to be different... and that should be celebrated!

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