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Essential Oils for Labor

Here's my line up for oils to have on hand during my labor. I might not end up reaching for every single one, & you don't need all of these - but there's some good options, along with how you can implement it during your labor.

Clary sage

support for contractions & effectiveness. Dilute & rub on ankles, abdomen, or hips


supports any GI discomfort (inhale), energizing (stimulates CNS) - combine with wild orange & inhale

Wild orange

energizing & revitalizing - combine with peppermint & inhale


relaxing - diffuse, inhale, or apply a few drops to a warm washcloth and place on lower back/belly


calming blend - diffuse or inhale


restful blend - diffuse or inhale


support for occasional head tension you might experience - apply one drop (neat) to the roof of mouth and hold for 15 seconds

Deep blue

dilute & apply to any sore or aching areas during labor - I have had back labor with all my children so I plan to have my husband rub this there for sure!


grounding blend - diffuse or inhale

That's my lineup! I can't wait to have essential oils to support my experience this time around. Is there anything on this list you didn't know about that you plan to use now?

Did you use any of these or anything different during your labors? I'd love to hear any other ideas!!

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