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Drown Out Outside Noise

Today was kind of a wash. One of those days I look back and think - I didn't stop all day but what did I even do??

Our culture doesn’t have a good way to measure what you are accomplishing as a mother. To the untrained eye most of this work, at the end of the day, will look like nothing.

But know there is no greater task than the "nothing" you did yesterday, the "nothing" you are doing today, and the "nothing" you will do tomorrow. These are hard-fought, rough-and-tumble years that can cut us down to our core and take us soaring, all in the span of 5 minutes. And yes, as you do the hardest, most selfless work of your life, it will seem like you’re not getting anything done at all.

As much as you need and want a break now, no mother has ever looked back on this time and thought, “I wish I had held my baby less.” You will not remember the dishes that didn’t get done, the vacuuming that you just couldn’t make happen, or the dirty clothes you wore more often than you’d like to admit. You WILL remember the first smile, the first laugh, the first words, the first steps. You will remember the way you looked at your baby, and the way your baby looked at you. Everything else will be a distant memory.

So hold your babies, mama. Drown out the noise from the outside telling you your worth is only found in your ability to juggle everything on your plate flawlessly (with your hair brushed, makeup done, and pre pregnancy jeans on). Truth be told, I never liked jeans anyway 😉❤

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