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Counting to three

I see this often and hey, it works in the moment. But discipling our children is less about getting them to do what we ask, but teaching and reaching their hearts.

Edited to add: there are lots of questions about how this looks practically. And I think that depends on what age you're parenting. But it's less about what follow through you use and more about the CONSISTENCY of using it. We parent a 2 year old much different than a 7 year old. For early toddler years, when there is a request, often the child pushes that boundary - and follow through looks like physically helping them move through the motions of obedience. Grasping the concept of immediate obedience is not something a 2 year old will understand from a development standpoint - but I'm still not counting to 3. I'm asking once, and then intervening to help them obey. I'd say around 3 (from my experience) they really start to understand the concept more. For elementary aged children, immediate obedience is expected.

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