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Cling to Jesus!

Have you ever felt as if you're wandering aimlessly in the wilderness? Through a figurative (or maybe even literal) drought? Step after step on dry, parched soil that only produces withered, crunchy grass.

We've all been through these seasons in life, what makes them different is the perspective we have on them.

The Israelites chose to grumble over their manna and quail, wishing to return to their cruel slave masters in Egypt. Yet time and time again, the Lord provided for them. And as they wandered those 40 years, they learned to trust Him.

Sometimes getting to the Promised Land takes time. Perhaps God has some lessons for us to learn along the way. Perhaps he's stripping down our dependence on self and peeling back the layers of our hard hearts.

Maybe He's going to show up in mighty ways and simply needs us to be still and let Him.

Everyone's wilderness looks different. Cancer, job loss, uncertainty, finances, loneliness, depression, chronic illness, isolation, marriage issues, and on and on. There can be a time of grief, of mourning. You can pitch a tent in that for the night - but don't set up camp.

While the wilderness can be vast, and seemingly unending - it is certainly not a place where you are ever alone. Others are with you, yes, but so is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

Cling to King Jesus - He cares so much for you, sister ❤️

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