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Children are capable of helping

Children are so much more capable of helping than we credit them, and they love feeling like they have a job all their own! We start our kiddos with simple chores around 3 years old -- easy things like unloading silverware from the dishwasher or gathering laundry. Is it perfectly done? No. But that doesn't matter! The purpose in these young years isn't to have that task fully accounted for by them -- it is simply to create the habits and routines. And consistency is key here. Show them how to do it, help them a few times, then let them take over. I bet you'll be surprised at how well they do and how proud they are to be mommy's helper.

We've used different "systems" over the years (more in my chore highlight), but now with 5 kids everyone just knows what their "jobs" are, and we discuss as they change.

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