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Can't wait...

Yesterday as I was leaning over an infant seat reaching (read: straining) to the back to strap Enoch into his carseat, I found myself thinking "wow I cannot wait until he can do this himself." And then I caught myself. The tricky thing about nostalgia is that you often don't fully appreciate the season of time until you're past it. And that's the thing about time -- it never stops. Constantly moving. Something we can always count on to keep pressing forward.

When we're kids - can't wait for freedom

When we're in college - can't wait to have a job

When we're dating - can't wait to be engaged

When we're engaged - can't wait to be married

When we're married - can't wait for kids.... and then...

Can't wait for the baby to sleep through the night

Can't wait for the baby to start crawling

Can't wait until I don't have to rush home to nurse

Can't wait until I can have mental & physical space

Can't wait until vacation is relaxing

Can't wait until they're in school

Can't wait until they put themselves to sleep

Can't wait until I don't have to sit in car line

Can't wait until I can sit through a sermon

..... and on and on and on.

I'm sure the next stage will also have temptations of looking forward. It seems life is often full of anticipation for the next stage - I think it's human nature. Here's your (my) reminder to sit in those moments. Take them in. Enjoy your life, where the Lord has you, in the moment you're in. 💛

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