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This is my fourth breastfeeding journey, and this time with twins. Nursing my babies is such a special thing for me, and I'm fortunate I'm able to do it. It's easily one of my top favorite things about a new baby. But make no mistake - it comes with much sacrifice, determination, pain, self doubt, doubt from others (this one is the worst), and lots of being forced to S L O W down (although I can do quite a few things while nursing now). It is taxing physically, mentally, and emotionally. I've dealt with mastitis, tongue ties, low supply, cracked nipples, nursing aversion, and more. There needs to be SO much more support for nursing mamas besides that one visit from a lactation nurse before hospital discharge.

I wish people would have been honest and candid with me about breastfeeding before I had my first, so I want to be an open book for any of you who have questions. To support you and cheer you on. Whether you're expecting or currently on your nursing journey, ask any question you have and I'll do my best to get to all of them. I wanted this to be a feed post so others could benefit from it as well, and even have other mamas chime in with advice.

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