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Birth is...

The unique journey of labor and delivery experienced by a woman is transformative.

Few things in the human experience can parallel it.

The settling in to her body as it cues her to each stage - something that, even if never experience before, comes naturally.

Being in tune with each movement, each tightening, each surge.

Riding the waves as they come.

Trusting in her body and her baby to carry her through to the other side.

The realization towards the end of wanting to escape, but knowing the only way out is through.

The simultaneous feelings of doubt in her ability to complete this task yet knowing her body was brilliantly designed for this moment.

The innate coping mechanisms that flow from her.

The moments where time stands still and the room, centered around her and her baby, fades away.

The mountain top of intensity when your body guides you to thrust your baby earth side, and the relief that comes when they are places on your chest and you meet the one you've felt like you've known your whole life.

Birth is:





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