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All birth is beautiful, and one of my passions in this space is helping women to see how insanely capable our bodies are to experience it just the way we desire. I’ve had 4 birth experiences, and they’ve all been different. I’ve seen both sides of hospital birth, both as a nurse and a patient. I’ve seen the difference having a supportive provider makes.

✨️Reminder: the fear-based maternity care we have in the US can be rejected at ANY point, mama. No is a complete sentence. You can have the birth you’ve always dreamed of. YOU get to choose how you participate in the system.

If you’ve had a traumatic birth experience, I want you to have the redemptive birth you deserve.

"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear." -Jane Weideman

What word would you use to describe your birth?

You can listen to my surprise twin homebirth story on episode 133 of the @happyhomebirthpodcast

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