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Baby Food Series

I know feeding your baby can feel overwhelming, especially as a first-time parent, but it truly is such a fun stage! I've introduced solids to 5 kiddos now, so I'm just passing along what I've learned and what works for us!

Posts to come: When to start, Ideal first foods, and Introducing allergens.

Some additional resources that might be helpful: @thrivingfoundations just released a free Holistic Baby-Led Weaning workshop. @bloomingmotherhood has a wonderful Foundational First Foods course and gave my audience a discount: PURELYPARSONS15 for 15% off the course.

hen to start? Have you had a doctor tell you to give rice cereal? Or start baby on solids at 3 months to help them sleep better? 💀🙋🏼‍♀️ If so, they are NOT up to date in their research and education.

This is simply to educate - no shame here and if you did differently because you didn't know - zero guilt mama! 🤍 There are some babies very ready to start at 6 months, and some not until closer to a year! It can vary so much.

I brought fellow RN, Leah, on to collab for this topic because I've never experienced allergies with my kids & she's completely reversed an egg allergy in hers. So she has experience AND can relate more to you mamas on this particular subject!

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