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My entrance into the world of essential oils began about 8 years ago when my oldest was struggling with a cold. I remembered seeing a blogger talk about diffusing a certain oil (Breathe) and rubbing it on her daughter’s chest. I ordered it from a friend who had oils in stock and tried it that night. I diluted it and rubbed it over her chest and feet and placed some drops into the diffuser. I slowly watched my daughter as she settled back down. Moments before, filled with coughing and congestion, were now being replaced with restful breaths and clear airways. It was amazing for me to see something so natural bring such relief. To this day, Breathe is an oil I would never be without. My journey and love for these plant therapies has expanded since then and essential oils are now a part of our daily wellness routine and a huge part of our natural medicine toolbox. 

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  • How do I store my elderberry kit before I make it?
    If you aren't making your kit right away, I recommend storing it in the pantry for up to one month. After that, just pop it in the freezer up to a year to maintain maximum freshness! No need to thaw once you're ready to cook!
  • I received my elderberry kit and forgot to put it in the freezer. Can I still use it?
    Most likely, yes! Use your judgment - storing your kit in the freezer after a month is simply my suggestion to maintain optimal freshness.
  • How do I store the syrup after it's made? How long is it good for?
    Store your syrup in a glass jar in the fridge for up to six weeks. Unlike store bought syrup, homemade does not have added preservatives to make it shelf stable.
  • How much syrup does one kit make?
    This can vary from customer to customer, but on average, each kit makes around 28 oz of syrup!
  • Why is my syrup so thin?
    Your homemade elderberry syrup will be less of a syrup and more of a juice consistency because it doesn't have thickeners.
  • What age is it safe to consume elderberry syrup?
    I recommend waiting to start until six months (with an alternative sweetener to honey like maple syrup, or omitting the sweetener altogether.)
  • Can you consume elderberry syrup if you have an autoimmune disease?
    Elderberry is an immune boosting plant, therefore it does activate the immune system. However, I know many with autoimmune disease who have no issues with it, including my husband! I always tell people to listen to your body and make that call on an individual basis.

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