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In this self-paced, interactive course, moms and daughters have the chance to have conversations to truly understand what’s happening during puberty and the menstrual cycle. This is for moms who want to be involved in their daughter’s body education, to give their daughter the time to ask questions she’s been holding back, and to throw out the thought that the topic of puberty should be taboo. Use code AFFILIATE for 10% off your course.



Empowering mothers to trust their bodies through the process of labor and delivery is something I'm passionate about, and the Happy Homebirth Academy's birth course has the same mission. It is a comprehensive childbirth education program tailored specifically for the homebirth mother. Learn to eliminate anxiety and uncertainty as you prepare your mind and body for a peaceful homebirth. This is a self paced, video module course where empowerment and encouragement are met with evidence based information. Use code PARSONS10 for 10% off your course. 



PublicSq. is a nationwide digital network of local and national freedom-loving businesses that share your values. Their core beliefs include sanctity of life and medical freedom. We as consumers have grown accustomed to walking into a large store and turning a blind eye to the woke propaganda that instantly greets us all in the name of convenience. We must work to stop funding these same companies that are very open and brazen about the causes they support as if we do not have honest, pro-God, pro-life, pro-family, pro-medical freedom alternatives. 



Join my growing Facebook community of like-minded moms - there's so much good discussion over there, and the search bar is waiting for you to use it! It's a great way to connect with other natural minded families.


Get CPR certified through Thrive's online expert training. The course is self paced but can be finished in under an hour from the comfort of home. Receive instant access to your certificate after completing the course and lifetime access to modules. Use code Parsons10 for $10 off your course. 

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